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11 Temmuz 2019 Perşembe

Kabul Edilen Bildiriler
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1 Characterization Of Hazard Function Of Some Beta-G Distributions Pakistan
2 Multilevel Modelling To Examine The Effect Of Mothers Smoke Prior To Pregnancy On Childhood And Adulthood Asthma Bahreyn
3 Preemptive Goal Programming For The Daily Shipment Planning Of An Automotive Lubricant Company Türkiye
4 Estimating The Output GAP For Lebanon: A Production Function Methodology Lübnan
5 Multivariant Social Survey Prediction Using Neural Network Türkiye
6 Hansen-Hurwitz Type Estimator İn Stratified Adaptive Cluster Sampling Pakistan
7 Adaptation Of The R-D Class Prediction Method To Linear Mixed Models Türkiye
8 Weighted With The AHP Method To Sustainable Marine Initiatives İn Turkey Türkiye
9 The Role Of Social Capital İn Environmental Protection Efforts: Evidence From Turkey Türkiye
10 Mathematical Model For The Detection Of The Defects Of The State Of Isolation Of Electrical Networks In Mining Companies Cezayir
11 Mathematical Model For Evaluating The Safety Integrity Of A Butane Tank Overpressure Evacuation System According To IEC 61508 Cezayir
12 Examination Of Cereal Production, Cereal Yield And Land Under Cereal Production İn Turkey Türkiye
13 Stochastic Frontier Analysis To Measure The İmpact On The Productive Efficiency Of Lemon Producers İn Michoacán, Through The İncorporation Of The Economic Costs Of İnsecurity Meksika
14 Nonparametric Statistical Methods For The Comparison Of Two Treatments İn The Presence Of Competing Risks Çin
15 A New Heuristic Algorithm For The Label Printing Problem Türkiye
16 Prognostic Model Animated Film Festival – VAFI Hırvatistan
17 Mixed Frequency Estimation By Smoothed Least Squares Türkiye
18 Considering Linear Constraints For Almon Two Parameter Ridge Estimation Türkiye
19 A Mathematical Programming Procedure For Examining  Biasing Parameters Of Two Stage Two Parameter Estimator Türkiye
20 Developing A First Order Two Parameter Estimator For Generalized Linear Model Türkiye
21 The M / M / S / +M Queuing System With Client Abandonment Cezayir
22 Predicting Bubbles İn The S&P 500 Index With Macroeconomic Indicators: A Machine Learning Approach Türkiye
23 Rough Sets Based Spatial Analysis: An Archaeological Application Türkiye
24 Re-Evaluation Of Subtypes Of Positional OSAS By Clustering Algorithms Türkiye
25 Algebraic Methods For The Problem Of Fitting Concentric Ellipses To Digitized Observations ABD
26  Improvement Of Official Statistics By Applying The Concept Of Big Data – Case Study: Serbia Almanya
27 Supervised Learning Based Apparel Recommendation System For Online Shopping System Türkiye
28 Noise Reduction In Chaotic Time Series For Improved Feature Selection, Abnormal Process Detection, And Process Modeling Hindistan
29 Predict High-Power Hearing Aid For Audiology Patients Using Data Mining Techniques With Particular Audiology Dataset Türkiye
30 Bayesian Analysis Of Turkish Income And Living Conditions Data, Using Clustered Longitudinal Ordinal Modelling With Bridge Distributed Random-Effects Türkiye
31 An Exact Approach For A Dynamic Workforce Scheduling Problem Türkiye
32 Estimation Of AR(1) Model Having Generalized Logistic Disturbances Türkiye
33 Sunk Costs And Exporting Behavior: A Sectoral Analysis Türkiye
34 An İmproper Form Of Weibull Distribution For Competing Risks Analysis With Bayesian Approach İran
35 Data Science And Big Data Analytics Education – Serbian Perspective Sırbistan
36 Index Construction İn Professional Social Research Romanya
37 The Measurement Of Students' Attıtudes To The Statistics Of The State: Azerbaijan State University Of Economics Example Azerbaycan
38 Import İn FOB Terms Of Delivery Türkiye
39 Comparative Investigation Of Membership Levels Of Classical And Fuzzy Sets Türkiye
40 Statistical Analysis On The Incidence Of Pnemonia As A Major Cause Of Infant Mortality And Possible Solutions İn Edo State, Nigeria Nijerya
41 The Role Of Big Data Technology İn The Education Managment System Azerbaycan
42 Social And Human Capital, And Self-Reported Health: Evidence From India Türkiye
43 What Determines The Capacity To Innovate İn African Firms? A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach İngiltere
44 Bi-Responses Mars Modelling Through Earth Package For Regression Type Problems Türkiye
45 Use Of Bootstrap Aggregating (Bagging) MARS To Improve Predictive Accuracy For Regression Type Problems Türkiye
46 Two-Stage Solution Framework For A Workload Balancing And Workforce Scheduling Problem: A Comparative Study Türkiye
47 The Relationship Between The Graph Energies And Vulnerabilities Türkiye
48 Some Properties Provided By Fourier Transform With Distrubition Function İn Statistics Türkiye
49 Evaluation Of The Reduction Algorithms Based On Rough Set Theory –An Application Türkiye
50 Net External Position, Financial Development, And Banking Crisis Türkiye
51 The P-Splines Model İn Predicting PM10 Concentrations Türkiye
52 Modelling Disease Transmission Scenarios Using Field Data And Heavy Tailed Random Effects: The Zika Case Türkiye
53 Causal Inference With Recurrent Data Via Inverse Probability Treatment Weighting Methods (IPTW) Kanada
54 Liu And Restricted Liu Estimators İn Linear Measurement Error Models Türkiye
55 Point Cloud Matching With A Vertex Weighted Graph Kernel Türkiye
56 The Effect Of Uncertainty Shocks On Global Housing Markets Tayvan
57 Hierarchies İn Communities Of FTSE100 From The Perspective Of Brexit Türkiye
58 Binary Particle Swarm Optimization As A Detection Tool For Influential Subsets İn Linear Regression Türkiye
59 Two Way Mixed Design: Symmetry Assumption And Missing Data Türkiye
60 Analyzing The Socio Economic Status Of Women İn Turkey And EU Countries Using Entropy Based ARAS, MAUT And SAW Methods Türkiye
61 Solving The Single Machine Scheduling Problem With Family Setups And Resource Constraints Using Constraint Programming Türkiye
62 Type-1 Penalized Regression Functions Türkiye
63 J-Inflated Longitudinal Regression Models For Analyzing Responses With Finite Support İran
64 Complexly Interwoven Stochastic And Chaotic Tendencies İn The Profit-Interest Ratios At A Recent Crisis Juncture İn Turkey: Possibilities For Crisis-Management Türkiye
65 Vehicle Headway Modeling With Exponentiated Weibull Distribution Using Ranked Set Sampling Method Türkiye
66 On Solving The Generalized Assignment Problem Via Hypergraphs Türkiye
67 Comparing Forecasting Accuracies Of ATA And Exponential Smoothing Türkiye
68 An Experimental Design Application İn Chemistry For Optimization Of Assay Conditions For Trna Türkiye
69 Point Estimation For Chen Distribution Based On Ranked Set Sampling Türkiye
70 Circular Analyses Of Dates On Patients With Gastric Carcinoma Türkiye
71 Performance Of Variance Ratio Tests İn Presence Of Heteroskedasticity: Application To Stock Returns Data İn Pakistan Pakistan
72 A Promotion Planning Model With Product Substitution
And Promotion Fatigue
73 An Approach Of Feature Selection Consensus For The Gas Sensors’ Drift Data Türkiye
74 A Meta Analysis Approach On Work – Family Balance And Job Satisfaction Türkiye
75 The Effects Of Time Interval On Test-Retest Reliability Türkiye
76 All Possible Regression Technique Based On Genetic Algorithm Türkiye
77 Nexus Between Big Time Series Data And
Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra
78 Practical Tests Of Financial Bubbles: Better Critical Values For Detecting Exuberant Behavior Türkiye
79 A Satellite Images Based Sampling Approach İn An African City Türkiye
80 An Improved Search Engine For E-Commerce Websites Based On Word2vec Model Türkiye
81 Forecasting Tourist Arrivals With Economic Regressors: A Grid Search On Combinations Of Different İndividual Models Türkiye
82 Determination Of The Number Of In-Port Transportation Vehicles By Simulation Modelling Türkiye
83 Application Of Statistical Process Control İn Production Process: A Case Study İn Cleaning Products Sector Türkiye
84 A Specific Application Of Comparison Of OECD Countries With Credit Risk Swap Premiums With Quantile Regression And Multiple Regression Analysis Techniques Türkiye
85 Statistical Errors İn Specialization İn Medicine Thesis Türkiye
86 A Comparison Of Regression Analysis Methods For Beer Consumption Türkiye
87 Human Identification With Deep LSTM By Using Biometric Walking Patterns Türkiye
88 Evaluation Of Feature Reduction And Classification Methods For Activity Recognition Türkiye
89 Energy Consumption And Economic Growth: Panel Simultaneous Equation Models Türkiye
90 Who Leads The Price Determination İn Periods Of Financial Distress: Credit Default Swaps Or Bonds Spreads? Evidence For A Set Of EU Member States Portekiz
91 Evaluation Of Classification Algorithms For Multi-Class Wine Dataset Türkiye
92 Evaluating Negative Binomial Regression And Zero Truncated Negative Binomial Regression For Different Dispersion Parameters Türkiye
93 Investment Risk Assessment Models For Innovation Project Portfolios Rusya
94 Inference Of Economic Performance Using Global Trade Data Türkiye
95 Does Gender Diversity, Institutional Ownership And Capital Structure Affect Firm Performance? An Indonesia Real Estate And Property Firms Analysis Endonezya
96 The Impact Of Medical Tourism On The Turkey Economic Performance Türkiye
97 Theoretical And Practical Comparison Of The Frequency Based Classification Methods: Education Sample Türkiye
98 Asymptotic Results For Stationary Characteristics Of Random Walk With A General Interference Of Chance Türkiye
99 Identification Of Wealthy Households From The Residential Property Price Index Database For Sample Selection For Household Surveys Türkiye
100 Multi-Criteria Decision Making İn Site Selection For Nuclear Power Plants: Multi-Attribute Utility Approach Türkiye
101 Credit Scoring With Using Alternative Model Techniques Türkiye
102 Comparison Of Predictive Performances Of CART And Logistic Regression Models: Application Of Life Satisfaction Türkiye
103 An Adaptive SVM Ensemble Based On Meta Fuzzy Functions For Bankruptcy Data Türkiye
104 Formulating The Economic History For Morocco In 20th
105 A Study On Industry 4.0 Awareness Of Undergraduate Students By Using Structural Equational Modelling Türkiye
106 Estimating Optimal Value For The Shrinkage And Biasing Parameters İn Liu-Type Logistic Regression Based On Particle Swarm Optimization Kıbrıs
107 Financial Distress Prediction Using Support Vector Machine With Optimal Parameter And Feature Selection Türkiye
108 Good Agricultural Practices And Technical Efficiency İn Chili Production İn Thailand Tayland
109 Causality Relationship Between İnsurance Sector With Variable Basic Macro Dynamics İn Turkey Türkiye
110 Claims Development Result İn The  Chain And Double Chain Ladder Methods Türkiye
111 Investigating The Effectiveness Of Metaheuristic Approaches İn Parameter Estimation Via TOPSIS Method Türkiye
112 The Government Revenue–Expenditure Nexus: Symmetric And Asymmetric Causality Tests Türkiye
113 The Use Of Generalized Estimating Equations And Panel Causality Tests İn The Evaluation Of Countries’ Economic Türkiye
114 The Use Of AHP-TOPSIS Method İn Technopark Preferences Of Technology Companies: Istanbul Case Türkiye
115 Neutrosophic Linear Regression Analysis Of Construction Accidents İn Turkey Türkiye
116 Adaptive MCMC For Generalized Method Of Moments With Many Moment Conditions Japonya
117 Modelling Bivariate Survival Data İn The Presence Of Right Censoring By Archimedean Copula Approach Türkiye
118 Setting Up A Statistical Distribution From A Pair Of Complementary Probabilities As Guided By Some Concrete Examples İsveç
119 An Application Of Cluster Analysis Based On Competitive Intensity And Market Turbulence Of Firm Türkiye
120 Drought Monitoring Of Marmara Region Using Novel Machine Learning Tools Türkiye
121 Debt And Economic Growth Nexus İn The US: Evidence From Asymmetric Causality Türkiye
122 Parameter Estimation Of Dirichlet Distrubution Based On Entropy Türkiye
123 A Proposed Algorithm For Predictive Maintenance Using Statistics Romanya
124 Application Of Statistical Methodologies For Customer Churn: A Case Study Of Kuwait Telecommunication Sector Romanya
125 Conic Penalized Spline Estimation For Partially Nonlinear Models Türkiye
126 Mixed Lasso Estimator For Stochastic Restricted Regression Models Türkiye
127 Genetic Algorithm For Parameter Estimation In Double Seasonal Holt Winters Exponential Smoothing Türkiye
128 Alpha Power Transformed Two-Parameters Rayleigh Distribution: Properties And Inference Türkiye
129 Assessment Of Longevity Risk On Pension Funds: Credibility Approach Türkiye
130 Classification Of OECD Countries With Socio-Economic And Education Indicators Türkiye
131 The Relationship Between The Stock Of Car Loans And The Growth Of The Automotive Sector From A Times Series Analysis Türkiye
132 Optimal Bus-Garage Allocations And Garage Capacity Analysis Using A Map Interface Türkiye
133 Log - Two - Parameter Xgamma Distribution: Properties And Inference Türkiye
134 Synoptic Climatology Of Black Sea-Effect Snowfall Events İn Istanbul, Turkey Türkiye
135 Developing A Simulation Optimization Procedure To Determine Minimum Staff Requirements For A Service System Türkiye
136 Using Data Mining Methods For Prediction Of Women's Birth Time İn Turkey Türkiye
137 The Effect Of Different Antibiotics Use On Prognosis Of Patients Who Hospitalized With Urinary Tract Infection: A Retrospective Study Türkiye
138 Modification Of S Test Statistics For Randomized Block Designs With Autocorrelated Longitudinal Data Türkiye
139 Penalized Power Properties Of Computation Methods For The Generalized F-Test Türkiye
140 A Study On Diagnostics For Two-Level Multilevel Regression Models Türkiye
141 Modified Two Parameter Estimator To Combat Multicollinearity: A Comparative Study Türkiye
142 Performance Analysis Of Turkish Logistics Companies İn The Framework Of Strategic Planning Türkiye
143 Examining The Response Of Olfactory Stimulus İn EEG Signals Türkiye
144 New Goodness Of Fit Tests For Unit-Lindley Regression Model Türkiye
145 Modelling The Mediator Effect Of Demographic Features On Clients' Deposit Via Structural Equation Modelling Türkiye
146 Approximation Of Continuous Random Variables For Evaluating Reliability Of Complex Stress-Strength Models İtalya
147 Investigation Of The Relationship Between Turkey And Economic Growth Industrial Production Index Türkiye
148 Linear And Nonlinear Unit Root Tests Application: Turkish Electricity Consumption Per Person Türkiye
149 Change Point Detection İn ARMA(P,Q) Process Türkiye
150 Iterative Robust Bayesian Estimation Of Regression Modelling Based On Ramsay-Novick Distribution Türkiye
151 On The Limiting Behaviour Of The Ergodic Distribution Of Random Walk With A Generalized Reflecting Barrier Türkiye
152 Research Of Stochastic Properties Of A Population Model With Fokker Planck Equation Under Allee Effect Türkiye
153 Importance Of Fractal Structures İn Modern Biology And Discussion Of Forward Kolmogorov Equation With Fractional Derivative Approach Türkiye
154 The Validity Of Easterlin Hypothesis İn Turkish Economy Türkiye

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